Sunday, November 14, 2010

I dyed my hair!

Just last week I decided to go dark for fall. I honestly grew tired of the 'mix' of colors in my head. Red/Orange/Brown wasn't working for me. I needed one solid shade so I went dark brown aka 'expresso'.

I like it!

kinda looks black in this pic but its not.

thanks for reading


Alicia looks GORGEOUS in this month's issue of Vogue Italia. I sure hope I look this good when I get pregnant (in the next 5-6 years of course) :) ♥

This is the red lip I'm looking for! PERFECT!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Red Lipstick :)

Hello readers! plz excuse my lack of blogging bc I get really busy at times between juggling work/school. YES work I got a job at one of my favorite stores in the world EXPRESS!
But anywho...does anybody know of a good, bloody lipstick? lol Like red but not to bright, or too dark?

I already have a MAC beet lip pencil but im not sure what lipstick is good to pair with it. ANY suggestions? Maybe I could just pull off the liner w/lipglass. What you think?...