Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Want to Conceal Your Dark Under Eye Circles?

You guys know I go to my makeup guru's for advice. Today I'm using a tutorial from Makeup By RenRen. She explains all of the steps for concealing those dark circles! Hope this is helpful for you'll, because it helped me.

Ren mentions Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer in this vid. If your intrested here they are...
This is the corrector. Always remember these steps when applying corrector:
Mint Green- Red spots
Yellow/Orange- Black, Blue, or Purple
Lavender- Evens out skintones
Sky Blue- Orange (maybe from tanning)

$22.00 (Macy's Stores)

& this is the concealer...

This is actually a kit because it includes concealer (on top) and a loose powder on the bottom to set the concealer. Powder is very important!
 $32.00 at Bobbi Brown (Macy's Stores)

but if you just want the concealer it's $22.00
Use these to avoid looking like this!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wishlist Continued...

Hello readers :) This is just MORE of what I want for my birthday so pick & choose what you want to buy me haha ;-) What I do get, I will do reviews on! *Promise*

I think that these colors are great. Nice palette. I've never used Too Faced shadows before, & I want these to be my first!

only $35.00 at Sephora ♥

But I will tell you what I have used by Too Faced & it's their Lash Injection Mascara which I love! Makes my lashes look full and dark just like I like them. I tried the little trial size for $8.50 to see how it worked. Now I will be investing in a full size.

For a highlight, I would love to try Benefit's Moon Beam. I've tested it in Sephora on my hand and it has a gorgeous gold/pink shimmer to it. Wonder how good it would look on my cheeks...

$24 in Sephora

Now off makeup for a sec, & too the hair. Im not sure which is better but I will be doing some research on them before I buy them bc im sure none of my friends are going to buy me a $200-$300 flat iron. If you guys have these or have tried them before let me know how they are!

This is the ghd 1-inch styler...

& this is the izunami 1-inch styler

is one better than the other or are they pretty much the same? LET ME KNOW!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Amber Monroe, Nicki the Barbie, & If You Were Wondering...

Im not really a HUGE fan of Amber Rose or Nicki Minaj, but I think their style is dope (on occasion).
As far as Amber goes, for this photoshoot to replicate Marilyn Monroe I think everything was good except for the wig  & the mad face. Marilyn was always smiling, or being sexy. This just looks MAD :-/ judge for yourself ...

♥ the lip color tho...

Now on to Nicki. I didn't take all the photo's from her spread in Black Man Magazine, just this one because I liked her makeup. She always pulls the Bright eye & Bright lip look (which doesn't necessarily work for everybody) but works for her.

you like?

& If You Were Wondering...

These pumps Khloe Kardashian wore at the Lakers v. Celtics game last night are Louboutins. To DIE for!! They remind me of Cinderella :) 
They were also featured in the movie 'Sex And The City 2'. But if your a broke college student like me or just on a budget, I'm sure you can't afford these luxurious shoes so to opt for the next best thing I would advise these
Halston Stella Pumps.

these are available at Bakers Stores, or Online!
only $79.95 & other colors are available.

Hope this post was helpful :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trina Works In Source Mag...

Ok now I'm sure alot will agree with me on this, but not everybody can pull off black lipstick. Maybe a few celebs such as Beyonce, or Rihanna wear it well. Trina is featured in Source Mag's June/July issue & she looks fab! Makeup is flawless & edgy which is really out of the box for Trina. What you think? I ♥ the black, pink, & peach lips!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Music Highlight - Lights on Lik

I know this is a beauty blog & all but I don't like to limit anything.I have to give a shout-out to my fav rapper Lik Skyy! He is extremely talented & really creative. Lik is a member of Team Tokyo & has a promising future in the rap game.

Haven't heard any of his songs? listen below to a snippet of his latest single 'Everybody Freeze'.

Fierce Is an Understatement...

Rihanna covers Elle's July 2010 Issue. I her & I adore these pics. Below are quotes mentioned in the issue about her fave designers & bf Matt Kemp. 

Rihanna on Fashion--Her Fave Designers...

"It's clear there are definitely fewer black women in the high-fashion industry. One of the things I respected most about Gucci was that they did a print campaign with me. I'm a black girl on a fashion spread for Gucci—that was a big deal. I respect designers who aren't afraid to go outside the box. I went to a Jean Paul Gaultier show, and I saw girls who are thicker than me, beautiful and voluptuous and different ethnicities. That made me so excited. I thought, Okay, I can work that, for sure."

On Bf --Matt Kemp ♥♥
"I have a boyfriend. I'm so happy. I feel really comfortable, and it's so easy. I have such a chaotic life, but at the end of the day, that is just my peace. It keeps me sane, really, talking to him and talking to my family." 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shea's Wishlist ♥

For those who CARE these are just a few things that I've had my eye on to add to my collection. As you all know my bday is coming up July 17th so these are the perfect gifts! (I will also take money of course) :)

1. I NEED a brush set & this one is perfect! The Sigma Professional Complete Kit
I've done plenty of research & these a best bet for a up & coming artist to get started. They've been compared to MAC brushes & are practically identical. 
it cost $69.00 for 12 brushes!
available at sigmamakeup.com

2. Second, I really need a NEW C-thru lipglass from MAC since while rushing to do my sister's makeup this past weekend I accidentally jammed my mascara into it. Now its a grey instead of nude :( its one of my fave's too. great-everyday look.
only $14.00! available in MAC stores or online

3. I've heard a lot about MAC's Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil. (mainly from LeinaBaaaby). Its supposedly really creamly & glides on smooth. A staple for the makeup collection. 
$14.50 at MAC stores or online

4. Nars is a brand im dying to try out. I've heard so much about it, but have yet to try any of their products. But when I do, I want it to be their Orgasm Illuminator, a complexion enhancer that goes on sheer.

$29.00 at Sephora 

As seen on celebs...
Zoe Saldana ♥ 

Need I say more? I MUST HAVE IT!

well this is all for now loves. I'm sure i'll be adding to the list soon. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Top 5 Fav Makeup Guru's

On YouTube that is! I love watching makeup tutorials of all kinds whether it be theatre/film makeup, drag, celebrity makeup remakes, or just the basic application of makeup. It's a hobby for me. Some that I come across are not that interesting, or just don't apply makeup well but I have a few favorites that I watch on a regular basis & I want to share them w/you!

1st off my latest fav is DulceCandy87- Not only a makeup guru but a fashionista also. & she's been featured in Seventeen Mag!

#2 Another one my ABSOLUTE favorite guru's is QueenOfBlending (aka Lauren) but she's been dissapointing me lately. no tutorials in over a month! but anyway she's hilarious & has alot of talent and personality!

You guys have to watch this vid of her below its hilarious! she's so silly that's why I her vids!

#3 is LeinaBaaaby. Her looks are very dramatic, colorful & flawless! 

She also gives fashion advice. Visit her channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupByLeinaBaaaby

#4 is Ateyaaa, who is definately not limited. She cooks, does hair reviews (wigs, weaves, etc) and makeup all on youtube! I started getting silk wraps after watching one of her vids and I really see a difference.

#5 is julieg713
Very informative and always up on the latest trends. Really creative nail designs & clothing looks too!

visit her channel here

All of these ladies inspire me in a way to become better. Proceed, Progress.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stay Connected with Shea ♥

This is just for my readers to stay updated w/me other than my blog. Im working on a few new posts now but im super busy w/summer school, & a few personal family issues.
If you'll don't know my nana has been fighting her battle w/breast cancer for a few months now. I help her out alot on the wkends when im not at school but its really hard seeing her go through all the treatments & what not so bare with me if I don't post something for a few days.
& my mom has surgery on friday so everyone pray for my mom & nana!
on another note...
Just so you guys know, my twitter is @beautybyshea (tweets now unlocked)