Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gaga Much?

What on earth is Christina thinking? I ♥ her voice but in her video for her new single titled "Not Myself Tonight" she is rather how should I put this, Provocative. What ever happened to the sweet "Genie in a Bottle" Christina? Now she's humping & grinding everywhere & its not cute. Not to mention nothing about this video is ORIGINAL. From her hairstyles, to her makeup and most of all the clothing it all screams GAGA.

It's been said that this video was inspired by Madonna's videos Human Nature and Express Yourself but personally I see nothing similar to those classics & this. Artists that come back from a break should never over-do it because then everything just looks desperate.
Piece of advice Christina, never steal the style of a major artist such as Lady Gaga. People WILL notice ;)

Judge this for yourself below...

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