Friday, May 7, 2010

Who's Bad? & Cassie Looks Cute...

What do you think of this dress?
Designed by Alexander Wang & leather cutout platforms by Versace.I actually think its fab just not on Trina. I know she's claimed herself as 'The Baddest B*tch' but I don't think this dress flatters her at all. Not to be rude but I believe its fit for a girl with less body & less curves. No offense Trina! Compare & Contrast the pics between the runway model & Trina...agree or disagree?

& Go Cassie!
She's too cute @ Candie's 'Event To Prevent". Her makeup looks light&natural which is always the way to go. TOO MUCH is distracting & can take away from your natural beauty. Thumbs up Cassie :)))

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