Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Mini Haul :)

Ok so sorry for the delay of posts i've been super busy with school (biology majors can relate). But anywho I bought a few things over the past week that I wanted to talk to you guys about.
Well enough small talk...TO THE MAKEUP!

Im sure you'll have heard of all of these items & if not I hope u try them bc i ♥ them already

1. MAC's lipstick in Blankety

it's amplified and gorgeous on! I have been trying to find a nude for my skin tone forever that didn't make my lips look extra light/or dry and this one is perfect. I top it with a coat of C-Thru lipglass & its great for the everyday nude look.

2. While im on the topic of lips, I recently bought this lip balm called Rosebud Salve by Smith's from sephora & it leaves my lips so soft! it honestly reminds me of carmex except for the difference in fragrance. It smells JUST like roses!

3. On to the face! I bought my very first MAC concealer in NC45. This stuff works WONDERS for my undereye darkness/uneven color. It gives me full coverage and glides on with little effort & little product. Definately a staple in my collection.

4. MUFE HD Definition Powder. Sets my face and only little is needed after applying makeup. This is so your concealer/foundation won't crease or run off your face. The color of the powder is white but blends into your face so don't worry about having the ashy face!

I bought the small package to try it out. $15 at sephora!

5. Lastly, I bought NARS highlight/blush powder  Albatross.i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this! Looks so pretty on my skin and creates a natural looking 'glow' on my face. A must try/buy!
$26 at Sephora or

for a closer look...
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