Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eggs, for my scalp!

Yesterday, I browsed youtube and came across andreaschoice where she demonstrated how to do a coconut oil/egg mask for your hair/scalp. I put my own twist on it and added olive oil (because I didn't have coconut) one egg, and two aspirin. My aunt told me to try aspirin with my shampoo because her dermatologist told her it helps with dry scalp and mine is EXTREMELY dry! So I tried it. It was a weird texture, mainly because of the egg. It makes your hair stiff, and sticky. Its also important to crush the aspirin up as small as you can (like powder) so that you won't have chunks of aspirin in your head lol. I left it on for 10 minutes then rinsed. My hair still felt a little stiff so I then applied conditioner, left it on for 15 minutes, then rinsed. Then I did my routine blow dry and flatiron and my hair was soft and free of dandruff! Its only been a day so I will see if the results change, but for the most part I like it!

I will do this again, probably with coconut oil. Olive oil is kinda heavy.

I used Pantene Relaxed & Natural Shampoo & Conditioner. I also applied Cantu Super Shine hair silk before I blowdryed my hair.


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