Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Want to Conceal Your Dark Under Eye Circles?

You guys know I go to my makeup guru's for advice. Today I'm using a tutorial from Makeup By RenRen. She explains all of the steps for concealing those dark circles! Hope this is helpful for you'll, because it helped me.

Ren mentions Bobbi Brown's corrector and concealer in this vid. If your intrested here they are...
This is the corrector. Always remember these steps when applying corrector:
Mint Green- Red spots
Yellow/Orange- Black, Blue, or Purple
Lavender- Evens out skintones
Sky Blue- Orange (maybe from tanning)

$22.00 (Macy's Stores)

& this is the concealer...

This is actually a kit because it includes concealer (on top) and a loose powder on the bottom to set the concealer. Powder is very important!
 $32.00 at Bobbi Brown (Macy's Stores)

but if you just want the concealer it's $22.00
Use these to avoid looking like this!

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