Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wishlist Continued...

Hello readers :) This is just MORE of what I want for my birthday so pick & choose what you want to buy me haha ;-) What I do get, I will do reviews on! *Promise*

I think that these colors are great. Nice palette. I've never used Too Faced shadows before, & I want these to be my first!

only $35.00 at Sephora ♥

But I will tell you what I have used by Too Faced & it's their Lash Injection Mascara which I love! Makes my lashes look full and dark just like I like them. I tried the little trial size for $8.50 to see how it worked. Now I will be investing in a full size.

For a highlight, I would love to try Benefit's Moon Beam. I've tested it in Sephora on my hand and it has a gorgeous gold/pink shimmer to it. Wonder how good it would look on my cheeks...

$24 in Sephora

Now off makeup for a sec, & too the hair. Im not sure which is better but I will be doing some research on them before I buy them bc im sure none of my friends are going to buy me a $200-$300 flat iron. If you guys have these or have tried them before let me know how they are!

This is the ghd 1-inch styler...

& this is the izunami 1-inch styler

is one better than the other or are they pretty much the same? LET ME KNOW!

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