Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's Your "Go-To" Shadow?

Hey Loves!

This post is all about my go-to shadow which is....EXPENSIVE PINK!
I always find myself grabbing for this other than any other eyeshadow. Just a little on my lid (on days when I have time for nothing else) & if I have time I may pair it with a bronze (outer corner) and highlight. Its like a coral-orange-shimmer & i love love love it!
a must buy :)

14.50 at MAC stores & online.
(photo swatch from

Have a Go-To Shadow you want to share? leave a comment telling me what it is, where I can find it & I may try/buy it & post it here on my blog!


  1. As of late it's MAC's Amber Lights paired with Embark! Love them together

  2. oh i've heard of them both. i will buy them soon & post what I think about them. Thanks for ur opinion hun & dont forget to follow :)