Friday, June 4, 2010

My Top 5 Fav Makeup Guru's

On YouTube that is! I love watching makeup tutorials of all kinds whether it be theatre/film makeup, drag, celebrity makeup remakes, or just the basic application of makeup. It's a hobby for me. Some that I come across are not that interesting, or just don't apply makeup well but I have a few favorites that I watch on a regular basis & I want to share them w/you!

1st off my latest fav is DulceCandy87- Not only a makeup guru but a fashionista also. & she's been featured in Seventeen Mag!

#2 Another one my ABSOLUTE favorite guru's is QueenOfBlending (aka Lauren) but she's been dissapointing me lately. no tutorials in over a month! but anyway she's hilarious & has alot of talent and personality!

You guys have to watch this vid of her below its hilarious! she's so silly that's why I her vids!

#3 is LeinaBaaaby. Her looks are very dramatic, colorful & flawless! 

She also gives fashion advice. Visit her channel here

#4 is Ateyaaa, who is definately not limited. She cooks, does hair reviews (wigs, weaves, etc) and makeup all on youtube! I started getting silk wraps after watching one of her vids and I really see a difference.

#5 is julieg713
Very informative and always up on the latest trends. Really creative nail designs & clothing looks too!

visit her channel here

All of these ladies inspire me in a way to become better. Proceed, Progress.

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  1. i love Ateyaa so much i'm gonna check out the others you've posted to