Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stay Connected with Shea ♥

This is just for my readers to stay updated w/me other than my blog. Im working on a few new posts now but im super busy w/summer school, & a few personal family issues.
If you'll don't know my nana has been fighting her battle w/breast cancer for a few months now. I help her out alot on the wkends when im not at school but its really hard seeing her go through all the treatments & what not so bare with me if I don't post something for a few days.
& my mom has surgery on friday so everyone pray for my mom & nana!
on another note...
Just so you guys know, my twitter is @beautybyshea (tweets now unlocked)


  1. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that i am a Huge fan of your blog thanks for keeping me posted on the new trends i really love it ....What i would love to see you do next is your what to not to do? you always work things out i wanna know your ideas on what not to do for women...

  2. AWW omg thanks so much!! i will keep trying my best and doing new things. sky's the limit :)